Welcome to the EXPERT Mr.Ron Senior Engineer

Your customers don't care about you. They don't care about your product or service.They care about themselves, their dreams, their goals. Now, they will care much more if you help them reach their goals, and to do that, you must understand their goals, as well as their needs and deepest desires.                        ——Steve Jobs

My Family

I was born in 1978 in a rural family in southwestern Shanxi, China. My father is a middle school math teacher and my mother is a simple and excellent farmer. And my elder brother and sister, who grew up with me, are the third oldest in my family. Before I went to college, my life was basically in the countryside, and the farthest was in the city where I went to high school. I am particularly grateful to my father and mother, who have been working hard to earn money to provide us with opportunities to study and study, so that I can walk step by step from the countryside to the city, to Chongqing University thousands of miles away, in exchange for the opportunity of living in Beijing today, and all my work achievements today. Thanks to my parents, brothers and sisters.

In 2009, I married my wife Linda, who is the most grateful woman in my life. She opened a new chapter in my life. From Mercedes-Benz engineers to independent founders of Wallace and other companies, she used love to protect my family, overcome difficulties and frustrations, and jointly guard our family along the way. 。 Pregnancy in 2011 gave birth to Jimmy, a cute boy with three dimples. Let's make our family more warm.

In 2011, my son Jimmy was born, it is him to add infinite fun to my family and life, let me taste the feeling of fatherhood, when I heard the son was born in Beijing People's Hospital, I said in my heart, "My Mr.Ron also has a son..." At the same time, I was most distressed by his mother at that time, because every child was born with great pain, and Jimmy's birth made his mother and my lover endure more pain and danger. Here, every man should cherish the woman beside you, the other half who gives birth to your children. Every child should be grateful to your great mother every day. She gave you life. The first mouthful of cake on your birthday should respect the greatest mother in the world.


Wang Zhenhua

My Father : Teacher


Wu ShuiXian

My Mother : Farmer



My Brother : Enigeer


Wang Lijuan

My Sister : Freelance



My Wife : Psychologist



My Son : Sunny Children