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Rubber hose is the basis of industrial fluid transmission and guarantee. In modern industry, the application scope and types of rubber hose are more extensive. There are many kinds of manufacturing equipment for rubber hose assembly. In order to simplify the user's choice of equipment and equipment, a hydraulic rubber hose integrated with cutting, joint insertion, buckling and cleaning of rubber hose is developed. Integrated Manufacturing Platform. Multifunctional integrated machine, user-friendly operation process specification, thereby improving the qualified rate of users'products.

With the rapid development of industry, various kinds of hard pipes, including carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, etc., are more and more widely used in industry. In order to facilitate users'use, save space and purchase cost, a kind of integrated pipe cutting, deburring, elbow pipe is designed and developed. Clean and integrated manufacturing platform for hard tube assembly. The product greatly improves work efficiency, greatly reduces the types of equipment on the work site, and also reduces the purchase cost of equipment for users.
Professionals in the field of engineering and technology use vernier calipers and thread gauges to identify and confirm threads, but for non-professionals facing complicated threads standards and measurement methods, based on years of work experience and Research on various threads standards, a simple, easy-to-operate and professional knowledge is designed and developed. Thread recognition tool. Thread recognition tools are made of high strength stainless steel, laser engraving process and special ink printing.
Rubber seal is one of the most widely used sealing methods in the industrial field, but some working conditions have special requirements for cleanliness, self-adhesion and self-lubrication of rubber, which makes ordinary rubber seals unable to be used. A PTFE coated rubber seal product was designed and developed, which can be used in special working conditions such as automatic feeding system of seals, oxygen environment and high cleanliness environment. The patent number of this product is ZL201821518920.