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Your customers don't care about you. They don't care about your product or service.They care about themselves, their dreams, their goals. Now, they will care much more if you help them reach their goals, and to do that, you must understand their goals, as well as their needs and deepest desires.                        ——Steve Jobs

About Ron


From 2010 to now, Beijing Westle Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been founded. In the same period, it also founded Alan Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 2013, Westlake (Hunan) Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014, and Shangzhi (Beijing) Cultural Media Co., Ltd. in 2015. During the operation of Westlake Co., Ltd., it has carried out many projects. Up to now, we have obtained 8 technical patents and 8 software copyrights, and published 11 academic papers, including 9 National journals and 1 provincial journa.

From 2006 to 2009, the chassis section of the R&D center of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Daimler Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd. was a steering and braking system engineer. During his working period, he successfully completed the abnormal rupt rupture of the brake oil pipe of Chrysler 300C vehicle and worked with the supplier to solve the abnormal sound failure of the airbag. The visual field of the new platinum sharp J1 is checked, analyzed and adjusted, and the dissertation of intermediate title of automobile engineer is completed. The specific content of the dissertation is shown in the academic achievement section.

After graduation in 2003, the first employer was the product R&D center of Shaanxi Heavy Vehicle Co., Ltd. located in the northern suburb of Xi'an, the ancient capital. The chassis section of the Civil Products Department served as chassis design engineer. The main achievements were skilled in using Pro/Egineer software to design chassis parts, assemble whole vehicles, and analyze movement of heavy trucks. During his working period, he has completed the 3D design and installation analysis of S2000 (Shaanxi Auto Aolong) chassis, the 3D drawing modeling and spatial analysis of F2000 (Shaanxi Delong) chassis, and the whole machine simulation assembly of Shaanxi Auto K38 dump truck's trunk.

EDUCATION TIME : Master's degree, 2012-2017, Master of Engineering, Software College, Beijing Aviation University. Studying software engineering is really a great challenge for me. The knowledge of the first undergraduate course is mechanical. The level of software and network is limited to the application level. The purpose of further study is to learn interconnection. The content of network marketing was not set up at that time, so software engineering was chosen by mistake. The whole span of five years from the beginning of study to graduation is mainly due to the challenge of graduation thesis, which is unable to complete the thesis required by master of software engineering. During this period, I also wrote marketing papers, which were rejected by the defense teacher when I started the question. Later, with the help of tutors and classmates, I spent more than three months researching and writing papers, and got the certificate of Master of Software Engineering in 2017.

Bachelor's Degree 1999-2003 Chongqing Institute of Technology, College of Vehicle Engineering, specializing in vehicle engine design. During the period of University study, the academic performance has been in the top rank, with an average score of more than 85 (total score of 100) in four years, and has won five comprehensive scholarships and scholarships for poor students. I have been familiar with the use of Autocad, Pro/Engineer, SolidWork, Unigraphics and other design software, familiar with Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Dreamweaver, 3D Max and other graphic processing software. During the school period, he was good at combining learning courses with practice, and actively participated in various extracurricular scientific and technological activities. In 2002, he enrolled in the National College Students'Innovation Cup Competition. The subject "Application of New Sensors in Automobiles" was contested by nearly 1,000 athletes from nearly 100 key universities in China. After fierce competition, he entered the second round and finally entered the final. In the second round of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the project won the prize for its scientific design ideas and bold innovation. In 2002, I participated in the school's "Pioneer Cup" students'extracurricular scientific and technological research projects, and I participated in the "tire pressure relief alarm system", "DC motor debugging test bench", "internal combustion engine principle CAI" software system and other topics have achieved remarkable results. Professional design and graduation design "High-pressure Common Rail Electronic Controlled Injector Simulation" have won excellent graduation design papers.

Who I am

Nov.2009-Sep.2018 Beijing Vexroth M&E Co.:G.M.

Nov.2007-Oct.2009 Beijing Benz Auto Co.: R&D

Jul.2003-Nov.2007 Shaanxi Heavy Vehicle: R&D

Sep.2012-Nov.2017 Beihang University :MA

Sep.1999-Jun.2003 Chongqing Univ. of Tech.: BA

My Mision

The vast starry sky, the wisdom of the universe continues to inspire human progress and development. Mechanical engineering develops and develops new mechanical products with the goal of increasing production, increasing labor productivity and improving the economy of production. In the future era, the development of new products will aim at reducing energy consumption, developing clean renewable energy, and controlling, reducing and eliminating environmental pollution.

Mechanical design can accomplish tasks that cann't be accomplished directly by human hands, eyes, feet or even ears, and can accomplish faster, better and more economical. Modern mechanical engineering has created more and more sophisticated and complex machinery & mechanical devices, making many of the past fantasies into reality. This new development has exerted tremendous influence on our society and will continue to create more miracles than human beings can imagine in the future.

Artificial intelligence is closely related to mechanical engineering, and it develops rapidly. I hope that I can continue to do more in-depth research in the field of mechanical design and get more designs and discoveries to help human progress and development. Focus on mechanical and industrial design, so that more new technologies are more common and widely used.